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We warmly invite you to take part in our programme #TeiaSolidária (social network)

It may sound exaggerated saying that the story of every single woman became a story of ourselves. Everybody – organizers, interns, volunteers – feels sympathy for the progress of our participants and learns what it means to be tough in everyday life. A lot of these women carry signs of physical and psychological violence and have to confront stereotypes and exclusion in many parts of life. Nevertheless they are strong and don’t surrender. 

It’s exactly these stories that affect us and motivate us to confront their challenges together, even with low financial resources. For us the empowerment of the women does not only mean socioeconomic integration, but also encouragement in the area of gender and human rights. Workshops, discussion groups and meetings provide the necessary space to develop profound and pioneering changes. 

All activities that Asplande has realized during its 24 year existence are based on collaborative work. We are only successful thanks to the diverse commitment of many participants. This includes the active involvement of the women of our chosen areas as well as the support of private firms, NGOs and public institutions and many many volunteers and partners. 

See what our female entrepeneurs and teachers say about us

“Hello, Luana Vieira here, just wanna say that all of the live classes and on line mentoring have been of great value, in this moment of crisis in which we
are able to put into practice all the knowledge the teachers gave us, all the tips, they have all been helpfull to me, so that I can keep up with my business
without it being so affected !!! I’m so gratefull !!! I hope everything comes back to normal soon ! But these services given to all of us, female entrepeneurs,
don’t let them stop !”
Luana Vieira

“I was invited to participate in a NGO which cares for female entrepeneurs, at first it would be just a few encounters with classes about entrepeneurship with subsistence allowance, I thought it was great, and then came the pandemic, and now we won’t have any more classes? No, I was mistaken, the classes began to be on line and with the same amount of quality, excelent teachers and mentorships with renowned people with a lot of knowledge to give us.
I started to put what I am learning in practice and my sale results have been increasing, even though we are in a rough period. What I like the most is the care the coordinators have for us, always looking for the best way to help us, either in knowledges as in parternships to better our businesses. All I have are thankful words towards Asplande, for giving me this opportunity.“
Monique Moreira

“My heart overflows with joy and gratefullness for having shared these 4 classes and 2 mentorship meetings with the Women from the Asplande
Network. They’re extraordinary womenn, that even with the adversities from life and from the context in which they live in, they keep on believing,
even without knowing, in their talents, in entrepeneurship, in the capacity that women have to transform their lives, the lives of those around them,
their environment and, consequently, the world. Yes, we are agents of trasformation ! Seeing each one’s evolution on the knowledge and pratice of
their own business; Seeing the posture and vision change about their own life and the one of their business; Seeing, hearing and feeling each smile,
tear and statement, gives me the certainty that we are on the right path. I’m grateful to Asplande for the opportunity to share, learn, and grow together
with these amazing women.”
Sara Dantas, Coach and Business Mentor

“Participating as a teacher and mentor at Asplande and being able to pass a little of my experience and knowledge to these female entrepeneurs
have been so gratifying as a person and as a professional, specially after noticing the hard work the Asplande team does for each project, and that
the participants that are directed to me are 100% focused on their business people, and really commited to the cause.”
Bruno Mattos, Administrative Manegement Teacher

Here’s how you can follow #TeiaSolidária:

At this moment this material is only available in Portuguese. But we are in the process of providing a regular translation into English.

If you have the chance to come to Rio, don’t hesitate to get familiar with our work on-site. Take part in our monthly meetings of the program “Rede
Cooperativa de Mulheres Empreendedoras” (cooperative network of businesswomen) or other activities that take place throughout the whole year.

Apart from financial support, we are always pleased to welcome volunteers.


Donations are invested in the following areas:

  • Training
  • Networking
  • Development of service and consultation
  • Institutional work

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


Rua Álvaro Alvim, 48
sala 806 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ


(21) 2210-1922

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